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How to Choose the Right Consumer Lending Software (CLS)?

CLS is the most widely used and powerful way to create, manage and analyze a loan portfolio. It’s also the fastest-growing business sector in the world. But you need to choose the right one for your needs if you want to succeed.

This article will help you understand why it’s important to select your consumer lending software carefully, how different types of software work differently, what features matter most when choosing between them, and more!


The number of loans a system can handle is an important factor. If you are looking for a system that can handle your business’s needs. You must ask how many loans and loan amounts they support. This can be important if you want to offer flexible payment options or other products requiring different loan amounts.

The limits on loan size, borrower income, and the number of users accessing the software are also crucial factors when evaluating consumer lending systems.

For example, some companies have found that having too few users on their platform could lead them into trouble with losses because their customers weren’t getting enough credit opportunities. Similarly, too few borrowers could mean fewer opportunities, especially if there aren’t enough available in your market area.


The next step in choosing the suitable CLS is to determine how it will integrate with your existing systems. This could be an internal or external system. But it’s important to ensure that all of these integrations are compatible with each other and run smoothly.

If you want to integrate with other systems. Then it’s important that they can read and write data from this platform as well. For example, suppose you have a customer record management system (CRM).

In that case, this should be able to read information from your consumer lending platform so that it can update automatically when new customers sign up for services or pay bills online through their financial accounts at different banks or credit unions around town, which means employees won’t require any manual entry!

Lending management (CLS)

You can manage all aspects of the lending process with one system. The lending management feature helps you manage your customer base and ensure they are happy, healthy, and able to pay on time. You will also be able to understand their needs.

Lending Management has built-in reporting tools which allow you to track borrower data throughout each stage of their lifecycle: origination, servicing (or collection), workout activities, and finally, payoff tracking after resolution or defaulted loans.


The security of CLS is a key consideration for any business. In addition to compliance requirements, your clients’ data must be kept safe and secure. Your financial information needs to be protected from hackers, identity thieves, and other cybercriminals who could use it for their gain if they had access.

A good CLS will have several layers of security built into its design:

  • A firewall that prevents unauthorized users from accessing your company’s systems or servers.
  • An intrusion detection system (IDS) monitors activity on the network so that nothing suspicious happens without being detected by someone in charge of watching over things like this one.

Compliance & audit trails

Compliance and audit trails are essential for banks to monitor their lending activity. The software should be able to provide this information. So you can ensure that it is being used properly by your team.

Here are some examples of the information required:

  • Customer accounts
  • Credit applications submitted by customers (filling in all required fields). All payments received from customers (including interest earned on those payments)

CLS Conclusion

Lenders need to be aware of the trends in consumer lending software. You can’t afford to be left behind as new technologies emerge and accelerate the competition for your business. To stay ahead of the curve, you should ensure that your existing platform is up-to-date concerning these latest trends and have all the features needed by today’s consumers.

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