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What is ShackledCraft? A Minecraft Prison Server

ShackledCraft is a prison-themed Minecraft server that takes pride in having a very minimal to no pay-to-win monetization system.  All the resources (including the server itself, mods and plugins, and even the website) are free to use. It only generates revenue through donations, and it never sells out any of our servers or domain names.

The ShackledCraft server is currently hosted in the United States and has a great connection. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to play a hardcore prison game with other players. It’s been voted as one of the best Minecraft servers on the internet, and there are currently over 1,000 players online at any given time!

Features of Shackled

The main features of the Shackled Craft server include:

  • A well-developed prison system with different levels of security to suit your needs
  • Many different types of prison cells to choose from, including solitary confinement, jail cells, and more
  • The ability to set up your own rules and regulations for inmates
  • A dynamic economy that allows you to trade goods and services within prison walls
  • A lush tropical environment that provides an extra layer of immersion into the game
  • Friendly and helpful admins who are always there to help you out
  • A thriving community that is always looking for new players to join in on the fun

Server IP for ShackledCraft

The server IP address for ShackledCraft is login1.shackledcraft.com. This IP address is owned and operated by Shackled, LLC. Once the connection to the server is established, you will be automatically logged in and placed in the correct prison cell.

If you’re looking for a Minecraft server that offers a great prison experience, look no further than ShackledCraft!

Different Game Modes

In addition to the standard vanilla game mode, it offers several different game modes that add an extra layer of immersion and fun to the game.

These include:

  • Prison Break – A prisoner’s revolt has broken out, and you must help restore order to the prison by punishing those who have defied authority.
  • Escape – You are part of a team of inmates who have been secretly planning an escape from the prison. Can you foil their plan before it’s too late?
  • Battle Royale – The ultimate showdown! Striking against rival gangs in a contest for control over the prison. Who will be the ultimate victor?
  • Player vs Player In ShackledCraft Forums

In addition to the standard game mode, it also offers PvP gameplay in the form of Battle Royale and Escapes. This allows you to battle against rival players online in a race to be the ultimate victor.

Is ShackledCraft Paid?

No, It is not a paid server. It is free to play for all players, and there are no ads or in-game purchases.

Why Choose ShackledCraft?

There are several reasons why players choose ShackledCraft as their go-to prison Minecraft server.

First and foremost, the game mode selection is incredibly comprehensive, offering something for everyone. Second, the community on this server is extremely friendly and welcoming, making it easy to find friends and join in on the fun. And finally, the overall quality of gameplay is exceptional – there’s never been a dull moment on ShackledCraft!

Is ShackledCrat Safe?

Yes, It is a safe and secure server that offers great gameplay quality and immersion. Our staff is always available to help out if you encounter any problems or issues while playing the game.

Are there ads on ShackledCraft?

No, there are no ads or in-game purchases on ShackledCraft. All players receive the same quality of experience without any distractions.

What is the maximum player count on ShackledCraft?

ShackledCraft currently supports a maximum of 50 players. We plan to increase this limit in the future as we continue to grow and improve our server. In addition, you can also create your private server on ShackledCraft. This allows you to control the settings and features of your server, making it perfect for customizing to your specific needs.

Rules for Shackledcrafts

Please abide by the following rules while playing on ShackledCraft:

  1. No griefing or malicious behavior
  2. Do not attack, harm, or harass other players
  3. Use common sense when exploring – don’t go into closed or dangerous areas
  4. Do not use excessive language or obscene gestures
  5. Respect the game environment and property

What are ShackledCraft Forums?

The Shackledcraft Forums are a great place to find help and information while playing the game. You can ask questions, give feedback, and connect with others who are also enjoying ShackledCraft.

Is there a support team available?

Yes, Shackledcraft has a dedicated staff member who is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or issues that you may encounter while playing the game. Moreover, you can contact us using our Support Ticket system or by messaging one of our staff members in-game.

Minecraft version

ShackledCraft currently supports Minecraft 1.8.8 and up. We plan to support other versions of the game in the future, as they become available. For the latest updates on which versions of the game are supported, please visit ShackledCraft Discord or Website.


If you would like to donate to support the development of ShackledCraft, we would be grateful if you could do so. You can easily donate using our supported platforms: PayPal or gift cards from the ad shop.

Summer Seasons Base Competition

ShackledCraft currently running our Summer Season’s Base Competition. This competition is open to all players who have a ShackledCraft account, and it will run until August 31st. The goal of the competition is to build the best base possible, and the more votes you receive, the better your chance of winning!

Can I use my textures or models in ShackledCraft?

You are free to use any textures or models that you like in ShackledCraft. However, we ask that you follow our guidelines regarding copyright infringement and inappropriate content. Furthermore, if you encounter any violations while playing the game, please contact us using our Support Ticket system or by messaging one of our staff members in-game.

Final Remarks

Thank you for reading this guide, and we hope that it has helped you to understand some of the key features of ShackledCraft. If you have any questions or issues that have not been covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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